xAd: Over Two Billion Ads Served, Not Far From Google

| 05/05/2011

Mobile-local search network xAd put out a release about the hiring of a new CFO. It also released some traffic and usage data.

xAd today announced it has served two billion local-mobile ad requests, a significant milestone for the company. After serving one billion ads in the first 18 months since launch, xAd doubled this in the past 4 months, serving another one billion ads since January.

TechCrunch contrasts the claim of two billion with the assertion that Google is seeing two billion ad requests per day. But this is an apples-to-pomegranates comparison. The Google number includes the Google Display Network and AdMob display impressions/traffic.

Opus Research has estimated that Google sees approximately 650 million local-mobile queries per month. This is a general estimate based on data Google has released, comScore has figured and our calculations. There’s a range. The 650 million queries is quite large, but xAd is not that far behind when an apples-to-apples comparison is made.

The company has emerged as arguably the top independent local-mobile ad network. It both collaborates and competes with AT&T Interactive and CityGrid.

The company has said in the past that its CPMs average $30. Google previously said that 49 percent of users who notice mobile ads take some sort of action.

Update: Google said that the two-billion figure is AdMob only and doesn’t include the Google mobile-display network.

Originally published by Screenwerk (May 5, 2011)