The mobiThinking Guide to Mobile Advertising Networks 2012: Featuring xAd!

xAd | 04 / 16 / 2012

This guide profiles 20 of the most important mobile ad networks. This new section looks at two leading local mobile ad networks: xAd and AT&T’s YP network.

Local mobile ad networks in a nutshell:
• Local mobile ad networks focus on those publishers where users are known to be looking for local information e.g. somewhere to eat, the nearest shoe store, the weather downtown etc. Publishers on these networks will include directory services, mapping/navigation and other sites/apps where users enter their location e.g. weather sites.

• Some ad networks are able to offer mobile search advertising as well as display advertising.

• As local advertising is more targeted, adverting will cost more, but will deliver better results than normal mobile ads. xAd claims that local ads perform two to four times better than normal mobile ads.

• Publishers should also earn more from local ads, but fill rates will typically be lower (around 60 percent), as only the most relevant ads are shown to visitors.

• Networks usually offer performance advertising i.e. paid for by cost per click (CPC); cost per action (CPA) e.g. pay per download, call or store visit; and brand advertising paid for by cost per thousand impressions (CPM). CPC is most common.

• Some networks allow advertisers to advertise on specific mobile sites/apps e.g. xAd’s go2media or AT&T’s, but a large amount of advertising is blind (i.e. without the advertiser knowing on which sites the ads will appear.

• Advertising may be purchased self-service through an online exchange or via a direct sales team. Payment models vary, perhaps advertisers will ‘bid’ to purchase CPC ad inventory in an online auction (the common method with blind ad networks) or paying for advertising services on a subscription model (as used by AT&T’s YP network)

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